A Rainy Day

Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

It was a rainy Saturday in Montreal. It was a gray, drizzly, with periods of pouring rain kind of day. I had to find some creative ways to get these boys busy and occupied. On these type of days, the boys can get antsy and they can easily start teasing each other.

The real fun started when I baked chocolate chip cookies with the boys. This is how the final product turned out.

As always, the boys always enjoy this tasty treat. My husband even enjoyed one. Will there be any left tomorrow morning? I am thinking the answer is no. After I finished baking the cookies, the fun was not over.

Despite the drizzle outdoors, my husband took Xavier and Liam outside in front of the house to play soccer. They had lots of fun. While they were playing soccer, I took Nathaniel for a walk around our neighborhood. When we arrived home, we were both wet! This is where the boys and my husband played soccer.

After a lot of running around outdoors, the boys were exhausted and getting ready for bed. Xavier was my only superhero who wanted to be in the picture for this post.

I had to wait for Liam to fall asleep before taking a picture of him. Fortunately, I did not have to wait long to get a picture. All that running around outdoors tired him out. It was not long before he fell asleep on the couch watching television.

They are announcing more rain for tomorrow also. What will tomorrow bring? Perhaps tomorrow we can go for a long country drive, or play some more in the rain. I can not wait to see what Sunday will bring.

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