A Real Autism Mom’s Opinion Concerning The Current Vaccine Debate

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A Real Autism Mom’s Opinion Concerning The Current Vaccine Debate
Written By: Michele, The Green-Mother

I am not quite sure how to begin with this post. I know that there is so much controversy going around this. Vaccines. There, I said it.

This horrible word can cause immediate silence and tension, even amongst the greatest of friends. It is a very hot topic at the moment in the Blogosphere with much debate surrounding it.

This post is not about trying to convince you about who is “right” and who is “wrong”.
You are probably thinking: “Oh no, not another vaccine debate from another autism mother.

Just a few months ago, I ventured out onto social media, and contributed my opinion concerning vaccines and autism. What have I got to lose, I thought? What I got in return was a bunch of hateful comments. Comments suggested that I lacked education, putting my children and others at risk. That I should know better. Yes, you get the picture. It’s a topic that should not be discussed without extreme caution, especially in a public forum. I learned the hard way.

Of course, don’t forget about all the Mommy Wars going on concerning this matter in numerous Facebook Communities. I’ve witnessed one of these recently also. Facebook Administrators have had to go as far as deleting these topics because they were just causing too much hostility amongst the members in these usually quiet Mommy communities.

I personally think that this is a debate that will never go away. Ever.
If you are currently following the news and the social media networks at this moment, you are probably very well aware of the two extreme groups known as the “pro-vaxxers” and the “anti-vaxxers”. In my opinion, these are two very rigid groups with very hard-core arguments concerning vaccinating versus not vaccinating. I believe that both communities have very valid and convincing arguments, with pros and cons to both sides.

So what’s all this controversy about anyway? I have heard several myself:
– “Vaccines really do cause autism”.
– “Oh, another Jenny McCarthy follower”.
– “There is no real proof that vaccines cause autism”.

The list goes on and on and I am certain you can add some more.

Pharmaceutical companies are also presently under scrutiny and investigation, facing numerous allegations concerning what vaccines may or may not be causing.

So here comes the big question. Where do I stand in all of this?

First, and most important, I don’t believe that there is any solid proof or evidence that exists to conclude that vaccines do cause autism. I am risking playing the Devil’s Advocate with what I am about to say, but I also believe that there is no solid evidence that it does not cause any damage either.
After spending many hours reading countless articles written by credible resources, I have finally found a stance that I feel comfortable advocating for. To be honest, I really am not comfortable with any “extremist” type of thinking.

I believe that each individual is created with a very unique genetic make-up. I also believe that if your genetic make-up is more vulnerable than the general population, a vaccine such as the MMR can act as a loaded gun and do some serious damage.  Although I am not anywhere near being a scientist, or a doctor, I believe that this is the most logical explanation.

Your next question probably is, are my own children are vaccinated?
Yes, they are. Considering that we live in the province of Quebec, I have followed the majority of the suggested vaccines that are listed in the guide lines.

It does not go without saying that it did not create intense fear deep within me with each jab that they received in their little arms and chubby thighs.

Is this what caused my boys autism? As most of you already know, two out of my three children are on the autism spectrum. Otherwise known as “High Functioning ASD” or  “Asperger’s”. I do not have an answer for you. I just do not know. I do not think that science knows for sure  either.

With so many theories out there, it’s really hard to say who is right and who is wrong. For my own sense of well being and inner peace, I stopped blaming the vaccines as the primary cause of my boys autism. Instead, I believe that it was several factors that contributed to it. I don’t believe that science will ever be able to provide us with real concrete evidence whether or not vaccines cause autism.

For now, I’ll hang on to the theory that those who are genetically vulnerable are those who may be at greatest risk under a mandated vaccine schedule. Until someone can convince me otherwise, I’m sticking with this




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