Always Two Sides To A Story

Always Two Sides To A Story

Written By: Michele, The Green-Mother

I value each and every reader that I have. All of my fans and followers provide important feedback and input that keep the Green-Mother community alive and interesting. With so many existing different schools of thought I believe that it is crucial that my points of view allow for flexibility and openness to hearing what my readers have to say.  Recently I had shared a blog post concerning a current controversy in the meat industry known to some as pink slime. Lately, pink slime has been a hot topic of conversation on many blogs and can also be heard on the news. You can find my post at:

According to the post that was written on my blog it was suggested that pink slime was “a ground-up combination of beef scraps, cow connective tissues and other beef trimmings. It is treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill pathogens like salmonella and E. coli.  Once it is treated, it is blended into meat products like ground beef and hamburger patties.”

The information that was posted on my blog was from the school of thought that pink slime does exist. The Huffington Post suggested that the “Controversy surrounding “pink slime” stems from various safety concerns, particularly dangers associated with ammonium hydroxide, which can both be harmful to eat and has potential to turn into ammonium nitrate — a common component in homemade bombs, according to MSNBC. It’s also used in household cleaners and fertilizers.”

Source of Information:

Does the Huffington Post speak the truth? Does anyone on “this side of the fence” speak the absolute truth? I do not believe that there is a definitive correct answer to this debate. I realize that there are many institutions that firmly believe and advocate this type of specific thinking. Some may even argue that it is a rigid way of thinking.  How much of this is true? I am nowhere being an expert nor do I claim to be one. Most important, I believe one must do their own research and formulate their conclusions.  Once this has been reached I believe that one is in a good position to make the best educated choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Where do I fit in in all of this? Where do I purchase my meat? Honestly, I eat very little meat and when I do it is purchased directly from a family farm. They practice organic farming and their meats are delivered directly to my front door by them. If I do not have any of their meats in my freezer I purchase organic meats from our local supermarkets or farms. Does this mean that I am safe from all toxins or pesticides? Probably not. As mentioned earlier I do not claim to be an expert nor do I have the correct answer. For now I have chosen this for my family. Will I change my mind later on? Possibly.

In his post Travis Derochie provides insightful and intelligent information as to why he does not believe that pink slime exits. Considering that Travis works in this industry he was able to offer credible and factual information. To read his post, please follow the link below:

In his post Travis discusses a thorough explanation concerning Lean Finely Textured Beef (LFTB). According to him pink slime does not exist and LFTB is the proper term. Today I am much more educated concerning this matter. I believe that by educating ourselves with both sides of the story we are in the best situation to make a good decision.

To conclude I believe that it is important to be open to different schools of thoughts other than only our own. We all come from different walks of life but at the same time we should flexible with our belief systems. After all, ignorance is not bliss and educating ourselves is power.

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