Are X-Ray Body Scanners Used In Airports Safe?

| December 20, 2011

Written by: Michelle, The Green-Mother

I recently read an online article that was rather disturbing. In order to protect it’s passengers,  the USA government is loading them up with dangerous levels of radiation from full body X-ray scanners. In my opinion, these dangerous levels of radiation do make me feel safe.

Unfortunately, concerning this matter, no one is standing forward with honest answers concerning the dangers of these machines. When I was at the airport recently, I asked the security agent what the health implications were using these machines. He laughed me off, and told me there was no threat to one’s health. Did I believe him? No, I did not. I was just grateful that my family and myself were not the “random victims” to be chosen that day.

The TSA ( recently told Sen. Susan Collins that it would authorize an independent safety study. One would think that this study would have been performed prior to setting these machines up in the airports. TSA administrator John Pistole recently told Congress that there will be no study for now.

With time, radiation exposure can cause DNA damage and cellular changes. Over time, this can lead to cancer. The machines used in the airports use radiation. This radiation goes beneath your clothes, and concentrates on your skin. With these images, the security agents are able to see what you might be hiding. Considering this information is accurate, this radiation can build up on your skin and cause skin cancers. This information can be alarming, especially if you travel on a regular basis.

Can these machines be safe when used on pregnant woman, children, and babies? Some experts predict that these X-ray body scanners used in airports will create 100 new cases of cancer each year. Europe has issued a statement that they will only use radiation free equipment in their airports.

What do you think of this? Will full X-ray body scanners influence the way you travel?



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