Autism? Part One

| February 27, 2013

Autism? Part One

Written By: Michele, The Green-Mother

This school year has been challenging for myself, my husband, and my eldest son. And of course, I can not forget his teachers. Over the years, I have  been coping somewhat with Xavier’s issue with Sensory Integration Disorder. To learn more about this please follow the link below:


This year, eyebrows are being raised within the home and the school. Is it really just Sensory Integration Disorder? Can it really be something more? This year has been a frustrating year exploring this. He is getting older after all. These symptoms of SID should be improving, right?

Actually, it has been just the opposite. The symptoms are getting worse and more apparent. The arm flapping, lack of eye contact, and lack of social skills are just becoming a bit too obvious lately. Also, the obsessions are another topic for discussion.

  The word “Spectrum Behaviors” have been brought to my attention more than once this year. These two words scare me, it keeps me awake at night, and it also makes me cry. It makes me feel all types of emotions that I just can not explain. I feel lost, alone, and confused. To learn more about Autism and Spectrum Behaviors, please follow the link below:


As any good parent would do, my husband and I have signed authorization forms to allow my son to get tested through the school board. I have also allowed and authorized the school social worker to visit my son in his classroom. I visit with her also on a regular basis for support and to discuss his progress.

For now, I wait. I wait for this assessment to be completed. Once it is done, if autism is really suspected, we will be sent off to a different department for more testing.

This journey with my son is testing me in many ways. It is testing my strength, and my character. I see that it is also testing him.

I pray for understanding, and acceptance. I pray that the world will be nice to him.

Would I ever change anything about him? Never, not one tiny little bit.

Please continue to follow me on this journey. Please feel free to leave a comment.


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