Do You Use A Clothes Line?

| March 27, 2012


Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

One thing I love about the arrival of spring is using my outdoor clothes line. Living in a colder climate does not allow me to use it year long. During the cold months, I use my indoor clothes lines. There is nothing like the fresh smell of the great outdoors on your clothes and linens. Even though it is a bit more time consuming, it is well worth the time and effort.

What are the benefits of hanging my laundry to dry?

1. It is cost effective. It  saves me money and energy on my utility bills.

2. My clothes  last longer, and  they have less wear and tear.

3. It is great for the environment.

4. My clothes and linens smell natural like the great out doors. I don’t need to use chemicals to achieve that smell.


What are the cons of hanging my laundry to dry?

1. It is weather permitting. If weather does not permit, I have to hang my laundry indoors.

2. It is more time consuming to hang everything up to dry. It is much quicker to use the dryer.

3. Dark clothes can fade unevenly when dried in the sun. Turn them inside out, or dry them indoors.

4. Towels may come out hard and rough when drying outside. To avoid this problem, simply throw them in the dryer for a few minutes.

After doing research on this matter, I discovered that some communities do not allow outdoor clothing lines. If you live in such a community, there is a movement called “Right to Dry” that originated in Vermont.

You can view this website at:


They have a website with videos, books, and paraphernalia. You will find almost anything you need.




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