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| January 2, 2012


Written By:  Michelle, The Green Mother

I struggle with this issue constantly. Do I vaccinate my children? Which vaccines do I choose for them? Should I have vaccinated my three boys at all? In case you are wondering, yes, I did vaccinate them. Did I choose all the recommended vaccines? No, I did not. Do I regret my decisions? Yes, and no. There are so many different theories out there, it is enough to make one’s head spin. Which theories are based on scientific facts? Which theories are based on conspiracy? I do not have the answers.

So why do I regret it? I just don’t know what the long term effects will be. Scientifically, I just do not know enough. I hear the same story from many parents who have autistic children.  They all wonder the same thing, did the vaccines cause this? I have been researching the connection between vaccination and autism since my boys were born. Two of my boys have Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Did the vaccines cause this? I don’t know. In my opinion, all parents face a hard decision when deciding what’s best for their child’s health. According to Anita Bratt, ND, giving vaccinations to babies and children is a bit like playing Russian roulette. I agree with this statement. At times, I do feel as if I played Russian Roulette with my boy’s well being by choosing to vaccinate.

You can read more from Anita Bratt, ND at:

To learn more about Sensory Integration Dysfunction:

According to Anita Bratt, ND, we don’t know which children will have negative reactions. Approximately 60 percent of the children in her practice who have been diagnosed with autism had  significant negative behavioral reactions to one or more immunizations. All of them regressed in areas such as speech, communication, social interaction, eye contact and imaginative play. Anita Bratt, ND also states reactions following vaccinations can be immediate and intense. Some examples are, high fevers, pain and seizures. Changes can also be more subtle.  Poor sleep, irritability, behavior changes and bowel problems are some examples. Her school of thought concerning vaccines is she encourage parents to thoroughly weigh both sides of the vaccination question, and make an informed decision on this important health issue.

Luckily, I live in Canada. Vaccination is not mandatory here. With the professional guidance from my pediatrician, I pick and chose which vaccines are suitable for my children’s needs. However, I have heard from many parents that they feel pressure from their  healthcare providers to routinely vaccinate their children.

Why I do not regret vaccinating my children is simple. I am grateful that my boys have an excellent pediatrician that I trust. She educates me concerning the vaccines, but never pressures me to give them to my boys. It is so important to have a trusting relationship with your child’s doctor.

To conclude, I will never be 100 percent confident if I have made the correct choice in vaccinating my children. In a way, I feel damned if I do, and damned if I don’t.

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