Dudu-Osun Black Soap

| January 26, 2012

Dudu-Osun 100% Pure African Black Soap.


Product Features

* Dudu-Osun Black Soap

* Original African black soap created in Nigeria.
* Nature’s Cure for All Skin issues and Skin varieties
* Anti Bacterial. nice for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne and Dermatitis!
* made of Shea Butter, keeps skin silky sleek.
* every bar is five.29 oz. / 150 g.

Product Description

Dudu-Osun Black Soap.Specially formulated entirely from natural ingredients and herbs, this soap can have you ever feeling refreshed and silky sleek. Restores broken skin and is useful in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles and dark spots. Scented with Osun (Camwood extract) citrus juices and native honey. Bio-degradable. No Preservatives, no preservatives and no artificial colours. Contains ingredients from natural plants and herbs from the tropical rain forrest and savannah regions like aloe vera and natural vitamins. Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Osun (camwood), Palmkernel Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice & Oil, Lemon Juice & Oil, Water & Fragrance.

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