Flu, It Found Us.

| April 16, 2012

Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

April 16th, 2012

It is that time of the year again. Last week was a rough week in this household. It first started with the baby. The symptoms were,  high fever, sleepiness, coughing, and the greenish runny nose. I am convinced he also had body aches and a headache, considering all the crying that he did.  The nights were long for the both of us, he could not sleep due to his stuffed up nose. As  we all know, if the baby is not sleeping, neither is mother. I treated him with lots of extra cuddles, fluids, salt water nasal rinses, and Advil as required. He slept for many hours during the day in my arms, this virus was draining. He was even falling asleep on the wooden floors!

Next, my oldest son was suffering from these same symptoms. I provided him with the same treatment as the baby. Before I knew it, myself, and my husband were also suffering from these same symptoms. With lots of rest, fluids, and adult Adivil, we pulled through it. We took turns tending to our sick children. Taking care of flu-ish kids when you are sick yourself is never an easy task.

Did we have just  a bad cold, or the flu? What is the difference anyway?

According to the Web MD:

“What’s the difference between a cold and flu?

The common cold and flu are both contagious viral infections of the respiratory tract. Although the symptoms can be similar, flu is much worse. A cold may drag you down a bit, but the flu can make you shudder at the very thought of getting out of bed.

Congestion, sore throat, and sneezing are common with colds. Both cold and flu bring coughing, headache, and chest discomfort. With the flu, though, you are likely to run a high fever for several days and have headache, myalgia, fatigue, and weakness. Usually, complications from colds are relatively minor, but a severe case of flu can lead to a life-threatening illness such as pneumonia”.

Source of Information:


In my opinion, I think we all caught the seasonal flu. I am hoping we will not see this virus again until next year.

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