Game Night

| April 3, 2012

Game Night

Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

April 2nd 2012

Tonight was game night with Liam. He needed some one on one time alone with Mommy. Daddy took the other two boys out  to play while Liam and I played Croque Carotte. This is Liam’s favorite game and has so much fun playing it. The goal of this game is to arrive first at the scrumptious carrot on top of the hill. Watch out, because the hill is full of twists and turns. This game is perfect for children aged between four and eight years old.

As a middle child, Liam often struggles with being “somewhere in the middle”. He will sometimes talk about it, and how it makes him feel. It makes him feel sad sometimes, because he gets less attention than he used to. He told me it also makes him feel angry at times because he has to wait for me while I am tending to the baby. Of course, all these feelings he owns are normal, and to be expected.

Trying to give each child one on one time can sometimes be challenging. What I have found, with my experience, is that playing board games is always a hit. Xavier loves to play Monopoly and Life, and Liam loves Croque Carotte. Nathaniel, well, he loves to play with anything that will makes noise. What I find most precious in these moments, is not the game itself, but the communication that comes along with it. When I give individual attention to each child, the doors of communication usually open. I will usually get details that I would not get otherwise. It creates closeness, and bonding, with each of boy boys.

Family game night is something we always look forward to, and it always creates fond memories and laughter that we can hold on to.

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