Gluten Free?

| March 5, 2013

Gluten Free?

Written by: Michele, The Green-Mother

All of us have our own reasons for being on the gluten free diet. For some, it may be to resolve some health issues such as Celiac’s Disease. For others, it is just a way of life. It may also be used to resolve autism related symptoms in our children.

Whatever the reason may be, in my opinion, I think it is worth the try. I have found a wonderful article that discusses giving up gluten. Please follow the link below to read it:

As for our family, we use this diet to reduce the symptoms of Sensory Integration Dysfunction in two of our children. Does it work? Of course this is only an opinion, but I do believe that if my children were not on this diet their symptoms would be much worse and more apparent.

What are your reasons for being on this diet? Are you also dairy free?


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