Help! My HE Washing Machine Stinks!

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Help! My HE Washing Machine Stinks!

Written By: Michelle, the Green-Mother

Several months after purchasing our brand new HE (High Efficiency) washing machine I started noticing a bad smell coming out of it. It smelled like raunchy, dirty laundry. Not the type of smell that I would expect from my washing machine. As time went on I also began observing that the glass door was getting dirty and slime was starting to collect around it.

I went back to the store where I had purchased the machine and explained my situation to the store manager. He explained to me that this was normal and sold me a product that was especially designed to wash a HE washing machine.

I went home and inserted the washing tablet into my machine and did a Tub Clean. To my disappointment that fowl odor and slime remained. Was I doomed to owning a stinky HE washing machine forever?

When I started using my home made laundry detergent  I discovered that the smell, dirt and slime disappeared. Instead of purchasing expensive HE Washing Machine cleaners I simply use my home made laundry detergent formula to clean it.

This recipe is simple to make and cost effective. Try using this several times per week in your HE washing machine. I am certain that the results will please you.

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