Dairy Free: The Experiment

Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

A while back, I wrote a post about being a dairy free family. You can view this post at:


The decision to become dairy free was made when my eldest son was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder (SID). The dairy free diet helped control the peculiar behaviors associated with SID.


Since writing that post, the situation around our home has changed. In the past several weeks, my eldest son made the decision that he was “so fed up of this crazy diet”. He is about to turn nine years old, and we are all  feeling the effects of his tween like hormones. I decided that the right decision would be to allow him to consume milk. As he told me, “Everyone drinks it, why can’t I”?
OK, I thought to myself. This is a fair statement on his part.  I went to the supermarket, and purchased some milk. My son was skeptical at first, and weary of my decision to allow him to drink milk. He poured himself a glass, and enjoyed it. After several days of putting milk in his cereal, and drinking several glasses of milk a day, the complaints started coming. He was experiencing horrible stomach cramps, and gas.
The cramps still did not convince him to stop consuming the milk. I figured, when he was ready, he would stop. He was not convinced it was the dairy, and nor was he ready to switch back over to the rice and almond milk.
Bouts of loose stool started shortly after the cramps. Maybe at at this point, I should have put a stop to the experiment. Was I being an irresponsible parent?
A  couple of nights ago, before going to bed, he poured himself a glass of milk. He went upstairs, and got into bed. In a short period of time, he started calling for me. I went upstairs to see what was wrong. He had horrible cramps, and was rolling around in pain. I gently explained to him that the milk was causing this pain. He was not digesting it well. Finally, he gave in. He told me he would stop drinking the milk.
It was a painful experience for both of us. He experienced physical pain. I endured the emotional malaise of watching him suffer.
Today, he is happily drinking his rice and almond milk. He has also stopped asking for dairy.
In a way, this was a learning experience for both of us. He was allowed to make a decision for himself, and gain some autonomy. For myself, it taught me about letting go, bit by bit. I understand that this was such a minor event, but it is preparing the both of us for the future. He needs to be allowed to grow up, and discover things on his own. This mommy needed the lesson on learning to let go.
One day, I know things will get more complex than wanting to drink milk. For now, I am willing to settle on these little things.

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