Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream

| January 5, 2012

Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream 1.94 oz (50 ml)

Product Features

* 1.94 oz cream
* Country of origin: France
* Please scan all label data on delivery.

Product Description

Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream.Stop irritation, dryness, and redness on baby’s tender bottom with Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream. This wealthy cream, imported from France, hydrates the skin and creates a water-proof barrier between baby’s skin and garments. With regular use it will stop or cure a baby’s diaper rash. The Vitamin Barrier Cream from Mustela contains protecting zinc oxide further as, vitamins F and B-5. Vitamin Barrier Cream comes during a convenient one.9 oz tube. 100 percent phthalate free. For Ages: Birth and up. options & Benefits: ? Helps shield skin against wetness and prevents chafing from diaper friction with the barrier impact of zinc oxide. ? Helps cut back redness quickly and encourages cell regeneration with the action of vitamins B5 and F. ? Helps soothes irritation sensation and softens skin with vitamin B5 and shea butter. ? Ultra-rich diaper rash cream leaves a protecting film on the skin which delicate signature Mustela baby scent. ? Hypoallergenic – specially formulated to attenuate the danger of aversions. ? Tested beneath dermatological management. ? 1.9 FL. OZ. ? For Ages: Newborn and up a way to Use: ? throughout every diaper amendment, clean baby’s skin rigorously, using Cleansing and soothing wipes for diaper amendment or PhysiObébé®. ? Gently dry your baby’s skin. It should be totally clean and dry. Apply a thick layer of protecting Vitamin barrier cream.


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