Organic Body Butter – Mother

| January 11, 2012

Organic Body Butter – Mother, Baby – Unscented (4fl.oz)

Product Features

  • Premium 100% USDA certified organic ingredients
  • Free from any added scents, Chemicals or Preservatives
  • Ideal for expecting mothers, new moms, babies and those with extremely sensitive skin and allergies
  • Super moisturizing and protective based on raw organic shea butter – the most healing, nourishinh variety

Product Description

      Rich, creamy and chemical-free moisturizer based on organic raw Shea butter. This organic body moisturizer is ideal for mothers to be, new Moms and babies, as well as people with sensitive skin and those who suffer from sensitivities and severe allergies. Our organic Unscented body butter is a beautiful organic body cream that doesn’t irritate any skin and is safe even for newborn babies! Regular body lotions, creams and other drugstore moisturizers contain up to 70-80% water, and within the rest 30-20% you will find only 10-15% of actual natural oils – the remaining will be preservatives, emulsifiers, fillers, substitutes, petrochemicals, and artificial fragrance. Compare this to our organic body butters that are 100% oils and 100% USDA certified organic ingredients. Choose the best for yourself and your loved ones and purchase pure, concentrated organic body butters! It will prove a healthy, prudent, and all-around best choice! 100% organic body butter with organic jojoba, sunflower and whipped raw shea butter will please any skin with its calming, softening, moisturizing properties. Our organic Unscented body butter contains 100% USDA certified organic ingredients – the highest organic percentage on the market today. At Anthology Organic, we use only raw, unprocessed oils, prized for moisturizing, anti aging and soothing qualities. Jojoba is a precious organic oil, which closely resembles human sebum by chemical composition and therefore acts as a deep moisturizer – a touted ingredient in crazy expensive creams and beauty products. Organic rice bran oil is another star ingredient in our organic body butter, which adds a share of vitamin E and anti oxidants to make this cream an anti aging product. Look at the ingredient list – our body butter is 100% organic, 100% vegan and 100% natural.

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