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Plan Toy Baby Walker

Product Features

* A Traditional Baby Walker to assist Young youngsters Take Their 1st Steps
* Specially Designed Handle will be Adjusted To totally different Heights And Stiffness For Stability And kid  Safety
* Includes twenty four coloured And Natural Blocks
* This Toy is formed In Thailand From All Natural Organic Recycled Rubber Wood
* counseled For Ages Between ten Months three Years

Product Description

Plan Toy Baby Walker has joined innovation with “old world toys” by crafting a progressive tool for crawlers who would be walkers. An adjustable handle, an occasional center of gravity and twenty four natural and coloured unit blocks create this cheerful wanting toy a requirement for any assortment. made up of recycled rubber wood and coloured with natural stains, once they are not using it for building future skyscrapers, it’ll invite your crawler to his or her feet and find them moving.


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