Plan Toy Sorting Bus

Plan Toy Sorting Bus

Product Features

* The shape sorting bus contains geometric shapes every fits into a singular slot on the bus
* Pull The sign up The Bus and every one The items can Slide Out
* will Double Duty A form Sorter And A Bus
* the varsity Bus With Driver could be a nice Push Toy
* This Toy is formed In Thailand From All Natural Organic Recycled Rubber Wood

Product Description

Plan Toy Sorting Bus has disguised this clever pull toy form sorter as a faculty bus. A toddler might expect to the day they will be part of the “big kids” for the bus ride to highschool. till that day, they will play away the time with their own, smaller version. Watch them as they drive it through their imaginary neighborhood, lovingly transporting the brightly coloured shapes to faux faculty and then home, once more and once more. The friendly trying driver commands his shapes in a very durable vehicle with “all terrain tires” for driving on multiple surfaces. A pull of the sign can enable the passenger shapes to carefully slide out. It encourages development of imagination, fine and gross motor skills and this nice toy is for nineteen months – three years.


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