Pre de Provence Peony Soap

| January 27, 2012

Pre de Provence Peony Soap, 150g wrapped bar. Imported from France. With shea butter and natural herbs and scents.

Product Features
* Pre de Provence Peony Soap

* cannot take the time to urge away to Provence this weekend? Here’s succeeding best thing! Pré de Provence, literally translated, means that “Meadow of Provence.”
* Peony, in Dusty Rose; with refreshing Peony scent.
* Triple milled for surpassing smoothness.
* Lovingly blended with the richness of shea butter.
* the perfect stocking stuffer!

Product Description

Pre de Provence Peony Soap is that the finest line of soaps created within the world these days. Manufactured to exacting old-world standards by skilled craftsmen with the heritage of centuries to guide them, these French-made soaps use solely the purest ingredients, together with real herbal poultices and also the finest essential oils. each Pre de Provence product is aromatherapeutic, and each Pre de Provence product brings a satisfying and pleasant bit to your home and your day.

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