Sunday Family Drive

Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

Our family loves Sunday drives. Once a week, we usually venture out and drive to a new destination. We either enjoy a drive to the city, or to the country. This weekend, we chose to drive to the beautiful town of Hudson. Hudson is located in Quebec, Canada. It is a quaint little town that has many little restaurants and shops. The homes are older, and they hold such beauty to them. We enjoy taking  long walks in this city also. There is always something to do in this town. It  is surrounded by trees and nature.

Yesterday, we stopped at the pond. To our surprise, the ducks were there! They were sitting around and enjoying the warm weather. We observed baby ducks also. The boys were thrilled. My husband got out of the car quietly and took pictures of them. The ducks were not afraid at all, and did not try to fly off.

My husband managed to get another picture, but from a different angle this time.

That was our Sunday. A beautiful day, well spent, with plenty of family time.

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