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The Dental Essentials

Let’s take care of our teeth!

Thank you “The Dental Essentials” for giving me this opportunity to review your product. The opinions in this post are my own. My opinions are based on the research I conducted concerning this product.

My six year old son Liam has been using “The Dental Essentials –Liquid” dietary supplement”  for the past few weeks.  Did you know that the “The Dental Essentials” is the first nutritional supplement specifically formulated to promote cavity resistance? The “Complete” product is formulated for ages 6 and up. This formula comes in pill form.  The Liquid version is formulated for younger kids who aren’t able to swallow pills and should be added to a calcium source for maximum cavity resistance.

Liam practices good oral hygiene, and visits the dentist on a regular schedule. So far, Liam has never had a cavity. I am confident that “The Dental Essentials- Liquid” formula” will give him the extra benefits toward cavity prevention that he needs. As we all know, a six year old is capable of missing a few spots while brushing!

Who is The Dental Essentials?

– They are a small, researched based company founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

– Their products are manufactured in their FDA registered and fully cGMP compliant facility in NY state and shipped world wide.

How can “The Dental Essentials” help me?

They base their formulas largely on the work of Dr. Weston Price, a renowned Canadian-born dentist, researcher, and author. According to his research, fat-soluble vitamins such as D and K2 work together to promote remineralization and arrest dental decay. The founders of “The Dental Essentials”  state that vitamins D and K2 in combination with optimal intake of calcium and other minerals have been identified as the single most important factor in developing decay-resistant teeth. They believe, even when teeth have advanced decay, they can benefit from using their supplements. Even more interesting, complete arrest and healing of the decay is possible while using this product.

 What Ingredients can I find in “The Dental Essentials” supplements?

If you are anything like me, any product that I consume or give to my children must be natural and free from any additives and toxins. The great news is that “The Dental Essentials” supplement contains no added chemicals.

In it, you will find:

–          Vitamin D

–          Vitamin K2

–          Calcium Phosphate.

Did you know that the “Dental Essentials” is the only supplement formulated to provide these nutrients in a balanced, synergistic blend?

Why Would I Purchase “The Dental Essentials” Products?

“The Dental Essentials” products are based on years of experience, and studies to back up their claims. I believe this is a high quality product that has no added preservatives or toxins. I would purchase this product for myself and my whole family. Liam has been using “The Dental Essentials – Liquid”. It has no taste, and comes in liquid form. I add it to his rice milk at breakfast, lunch, and supper.

I have confidence when “The Dental Essentials” say “No filling, no drilling, no kidding”!


This post was written using my opinions based on my personal trial of The Dental Essentials. If you’re interested in learning more about the research behind The Dental Essentials or the fascinating studies of Dr. Weston Price, be sure to check out their blog at


One lucky winner will receive a bottle of The Dental Essentials -Tablets.  Please leave a comment on this blog post to enter the draw.


The Dental Essentials would like to offer you a 15% off coupon by using the code “Green”. One use per customer. Please visit them on their website to place an order. You can place your order at:


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