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| April 5, 2012

Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

The arrival of spring always makes me smile. Today, as I walked out the front door with Nathaniel, the first thing I observed was the buds on our special tree. This tree sits on the front portion of our lawn. It was planted  before we purchased this home nine years ago. I never really knew the official name of this tree. All I know is that its beauty fascinates me every spring season. As each year passes, the tree gets bigger, wider, and leafier.

The tree symbolizes our family in my heart. The tree started off small,, grew, and continues to grow each year. Over a period of nine years, God brought Peter and I three beautiful children. The children are getting older, and the tree continues to grow with us.

It starts budding early April, and will produce beautiful flowers in May. These flowers will only be present for about one week. What remains is its beautiful green leaves. This tree attracts a lot of attention, and neighbors and friends usually comment on its beauty and its size. This tree also attracts many bees. If your standing close enough, you can hear the buzzing.

I am grateful that we are are living so close to nature. We are surrounded by trees, bushes, gardens, and wooded areas. I feel blessed to be living so close to so much love and beauty.

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