Using My Own Pictures On My Blog

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Using My Own Pictures On My Blog

Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

At one point in our blogging careers, I am certain that most of us have committed this crime. Yes, I am referring to using pictures that do not belong to us and pasting them onto our blogs. Hmmm…I have been guilty of doing this in the past. This includes using all pictures that were searched on the internet. Plain and simple, if I did not take the picture, the picture does not belong to me.

Lately, I am hearing a lot of talk concerning lawsuits while using other bloggers pictures. It is a topic that has frightened me enough to actually write about it. The blogging news states that if it does not belong to you, don’t post it on your blog! This includes pictures and copied and pasted material from other websites.

Lately, I have been editing my blog and making sure that all the content and pictures strictly belong to me. If I have guest posts on my blog, I have made sure that full credit has been given to the author and the appropriate link has been provided.

Sometimes, I enjoy referring my readers to an awesome article that I found while surfing on the internet. However, I use much caution while doing this. I will create a post that was written in my own words and provide the link to the article. This avoids all forms of trouble and accusations of using copying and pasted materials.

What are your thoughts on this? What has been your experience?

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