What Dangers Are Lurking In Your Cosmetics?

| February 15, 2012

What Dangers Are Lurking In Your Cosmetics?

Written By: Michelle, The Green-Mother

If you are female, chances are you are using cosmetics. Recent studies have been demonstrating the dangers of toxins that can be found in many conventional brands. The research is also demonstrating that these brands can be harmful to your health.

Have you read the labels on your cosmetic packaging recently? Are you purchasing your cosmetics based on the promise that you will look ten years younger? Do you know what is lurking inside them? You probably have seen these cosmetics advertised on television, or in fashion magazines. They can be found almost anywhere. Your local pharmacies and supermarkets have their shelves filled with these products.

These cosmetic companies promise you that their brands are, easier to apply, and less visible. These cosmetics frequently contain chemicals called  nanomaterials. Examples of nanomaterials are micronized zinc oxide, and titanium oxide. Some research suggests that nano titanium dioxide and nano zinc oxide could be carcinogenic and affect the reproductive system. What are more common side effects of a nanomaterial?

-A nanomaterial can damage your skin DNA.

-A nanomaterial can kill colon cells.

-A nanomaterial can wreak havoc on your lungs. Powders are a good example of what can be inhaled when applying.

-A nanomaterial can poke holes in brain cells.

-A nanomaterial can mimic mercury poisoning.

“Common symptoms of mercury poisoning include peripheral neuropathy (presenting as paresthesia or itching, burning or pain), skin discoloration (pink cheeks, fingertips and toes), swelling, and desquamation (shedding of skin).

Mercury is thought to inactivate S-adenosyl-methionine, which is necessary for catecholamine catabolism by catechol-o-methyl transferase. Due to the body’s inability to degrade catecholamines (e.g. Epinephrine) a person suffering from mercury poisoning may experience profuse sweating, tachycardia (persistently faster-than-normal heart beat), increased salivation, and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Affected children may show red cheeks, nose and lips, loss of hair, teeth, and nails, transient rashes, hypotonia (muscle weakness), and increased sensitivity to light. Other symptoms may include kidney dysfunction (e.g. Fanconi syndrome) or neuropsychiatric symptoms such as emotional lability, memory impairment, or insomnia.

Thus, the clinical presentation may resemble pheochromocytoma or Kawasaki disease.

An example of desquamation of the hand of a child with severe mercury poisoning acquired by handling elemental mercury is this photograph in Horowitz, et al. (2002)”.

Source of Information concerning mercury poisoning:


-A nanomaterial can kill nerve cells.

Source of information:


Where can nanomaterials be found? They can found in:

-skin creams,


-nail polish


– baby lotions and sunscreens

Recent studies have demonstrated that nanomaterials have the ability to penetrate through your skin and go into your organs. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It accounts for most of the body’s absorption of everyday toxins.  In some cases, over sixty percent of the chemicals in lotions, creams, and makeup will be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. These products may build up in the organs, such as the liver, and stay in the body for years.

Source of Information:


If you want more information concerning nanomaterials please skip over to the following link:


What can you do to protect yourself?  You can start by throwing out all your conventional brand cosmetics and hygiene products. When shopping for new brands, look for products that offer the most natural ingredients. If this still leaves you feeling unsure about what you should be buying, please visit:


I frequently check out this website before purchasing any cosmetic or hygiene product for myself or my family.

There are many benefits to using more natural cosmetics, and hygiene products. Benefits include, no animal testing (in most cases), no animal byproducts , and no dangerous toxins. They are more expensive than conventional brands, but well worth it.  When searching for a natural product, you should look for:

-Natural products that contain no unnatural chemicals.

-Natural products that only contain products found in nature.

Try going natural, gradually, one product at a time. You and your family are worth it.


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