Winter Gardening

| December 30, 2011


Written By: Michelle, The Green Mother

Have you been considering winter gardening? There are ways to keep your garden beautiful all year round, even after the first frost. You can achieve this by choosing plants that are attractive, and resistant to frost. Visit your local nursery to check out the selection of plants that are available now.

When autumn days get shorter and cooler, Mother Nature has a special way of putting on a spectacular show of colors. Once the trees and shrubs have shed their leaves, there are numerous ways to keep your garden looking great.

In addition to evergreens, there are several plants and shrubs whose features can enhance the look of your garden in winter.

Here are some examples:

  • Dogwood: (Cornus Alba) – Dogwood is a shrub that has bright red stems. It has a vivid contrast against the snow. It even looks pretty against a white fence, if you have one.
  • American Cranberrybush: (Viburnum) – The American Cranberrybush is a hardy shrub with big white flower clusters. This happens in the late spring. In the fall, this bush creates an abundance of scarlet berries.
  • Maiden Grass: (Miscanthus sinensis “Gracillimus”)- The Maiden Grass is a decorative grass which turns brown and dries as fall progresses. This plant makes an excellent background plant, including  a backdrop to spring bulbs.

Happy winter gardening!




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